Accessories Currently Available

Replacement Bows for Bowed Psaltery

Model # XB32 Replacement Bow (18" long)
These bows are available as replacement bows or for the player who wants to explore the exciting world of playing the Bowed Psaltery with more than one bow. One size is available for both the 32 and 37 string model. They are constructed of solid Maple and use "Hervex" synthetic bow hair. Custom woods and bow hair material available upon request.

Rosin for Bowed Psaltery Bows

Model # Rosin1
Paganini violin rosin in cork housed in a convenient plastic case. This is hard light amber rosin that works well on Bowed Psaltery bows.

Tuning Wrench For Psalteries

Model # LWrench
"L" shaped tuing wrench with molded plastic handle for tuning the Bowed Psaltery or any other instrument with standard 3/16" zither pins.

Tuning Key - 3/16" zither pins

Model # Key1
Small # 9 clock key to fit 3/16" zither pins. Best used for small instruments and door harps.

Hervex Bow Hair

Model # Hair1
Enough synthetic horse hair to rehair one Bowed Psaltery bow.