About Omega Strings

Hello, I'm Richard Spencer, founder of Omega Strings. The beginning of Omega Strings is so interesting that I wanted to share it with you. It started in the fall of 1993 when my wife saw her first bowed psaltery. We were at an art and crafts show and she was so taken with it, she wanted to buy it right then. Being a professional woodworker I, of course, said I would build her one. So I found a set of plans and built her a very good one. She took it to work and came home with an order, I took it to church and came home with an order. At that point I decided to explore the possibilities farther, and began to build small numbers and sold them locally. In those days it was a part time effort and I built fine instruments of a very traditional design. In other words, they were very much like most other bowed psalteries on the market.

I began to study string theory and discovered a way to greatly improve the tone and resonance of my instruments. This encouraged me to look for other ways to improve my instrument. Over the next three months I discovered five more improvements I could make and began a complete redesign. The result of that work can be seen in the instruments on this web site. Omega Strings now has a solid nation-wide reputation for building the first truly "concert quality" Bowed Psalteries available in this country. It is not only in use by amateur musicians from coast to coast, but also by many professional musicians in several countries. See just what they have to say in the testimonials section of this website. In the coming years, I am sure that more changes will come to this fascinating instrument. The one thing that will never change is our commitment to quality. My name goes on each instrument and I personally stand behind every one of them. You have my word on it.