Inovative Features Found on Omega Strings Bowed Psalteries

The photo to the left shows the single most important inovation found on Omega Strings Bowed Psalteries is the pin spacing. You will notice that the distance between the pins increases as you move from treble to bass strings. This progressive pin spacing allows each string have the correct length to produce the best tone. This feature is responsible for the clarity and warmth of the tone and produces the haunting quality that sets these psalteries apart from all others.

The second most important inovation is the Natural Amplification System. (Not Pictured). This system boost the natural volume of the instrument by 30 percent and adds more depth and resonance to the tone. This system is exclusive to Omega Strings Bowed Psalteries and must be heard to be fully appreciated.

This photo shows how the tuning pins are inserted into the instruments at an angle to prevent the string from climbing the pin. The bridge top is solid brass, this produces sympathetic vibrations that add to the haunting quality of the tone.

This photo shows both the removable plastic note strip which clearly labels each string and the solid wood position markers on the C's and F's. Walnut is used for the F's and Paduk is used for the C's.

This photo shows the solid brass tripod mounting insert in the bottom of the instrument and the bottom soundhole. The insert allows quick and easy mounting to any standard camera tripod. By mounting your instrument to a tripod you have both hands free to play with more than one bow. That's right, more than one, some people play with as many as four bows. The Bowed Psaltery is a very difficult instrument to amplify and I have found that a good unidirectional microphone is the best way to amplify it. The bottom soundhole gives you a convenient place to put the microphone that will not be in the way.

This photo shows the concavity across the strings. This feature makes it imposible to accidently hit two adjacent strings with the bow because the ones on the inside are lower and can't be reached by the bow.

Add to this:

1. A solid Rock Maple pin block.

2. Up to 6 different string gauges.

3. A hand rubbed finish.

and you have an instrument that is truely in a class by itself.