Through thoughtful and innovative design, Richard Spencer of Omega Strings has redefined the Bowed Psaltery. His design elevates the instrument to new heights of musicality. With it's rich tone and playability, I consider it the "cello" of the Bowed Psaltery world.
Glenn Morgan, performer, recording artist and owner of Fishbite Recordings in San Francisco, California.

Omega Strings Bowed Psalteries are quite different from others on the market. To my ear they sound like especially resonant viols, with their big, warm, husky tone. I loved its rich low register, and its even timbre throughout the range.
Harper Tasche, Pacific Northwest composer, performer, recording artist and instructor who specializes in bowed psaltery, cross-strung harp, small harp and recorder.

Omega Strings Bowed Psalteries are the first Bowed Psalteries that caused us to stop and listen. There was no question whether we would carry them in the shop. Our customers tell us they are the finest they have ever seen or heard.
Mary Radspinner, performer, recording artist and co-owner of Melody's Traditional Music & Harp Shoppe in Cypress, Texas.

Omega Strings Bowed Psalteries are the finest we have ever seen or heard, with superior craftsmanship and design.
Greg & Margie Mirken, owners of Shade Tree Stringed Instruments in Laguna Niguel, California